Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Day 06.

30 interesting facts about yourself.

This'll be fun...

  1. My Chinese year is the year of the dragon.
  2. I've broken four bones in my body.
  3. I've completed several 'Football Manager' games, Including the 2007 Japanese edition.
  4. I share the same birthday as my fiance.
  5. We were also born in the same hospital.
  6. We're probably twins
  7. I'm often mistaken for Woody Harrelson. And Nicolas Anelka.
  8. I used to be a size eleven foot. They shrunk. Seriously.
  9. My retarded sister just corrected me on how to spell 'shrunk'
  10. My star sign is 'Taurus'.
  11. I can bench 280 Pounds.
  12. I'm already bored thinking of things to write.
  13. The only thing on tele I ever cried watching, was Rocky. I was about ten. And I loved Micky.
  14. We have five different species of animal in the house.
  15. Not including the family gorilla, Michelle.
  16. I always wanted to be a footballer as a kid.
  17. Now I just want to have a minimum wage.
  18. Man, I'm a waste man.
  19. I'm the half son of the infamous James Shearman.
  20. I'm also the half brother of the legendary Roycie.
  21. I can count the amount of hairs on my chest.
  22. I once spent over £200 on booze, on a single night out.
  23. My favourite alcoholic drink is Vodka.
  24. I'm actually a great dancer, though no-one else agrees.
  25. I watched two whole films in a week once.
  26. Half of this blog is a lie or joke.
  27. I once made a hat. Out of bricks.
  28. I still own my first pair of converse.
  29. I should've done this drunk.
  30. I chopped off the end of my left pinky in a gate.

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