Saturday, 19 February 2011

Day 03.

Your views on drugs & alcohol.

My views on the drugs & alcohol are pretty straight forward. Just don't do it to excess.


Having a couple here and there, and the occasional party is great. After one or two drinks you start feeling more sociable, a few more and you bust the dance moves...

But it's when you drink so much you lose basic bodily functions such as walking straight and talking that you know it's gone too far. There's not many more embarrassing situations then when your helplessly wrapped around a toilet in a puddle of your own spew and tears. With everyone pointing at you. Laughing. The worst is still yet to come with the hangover.. I think it's tragic when you see people that rely on the stuff. People lowering their quality of life because they waste all of their time and money on the bottle...

Jack Sparling. 2013.


Ever since watching Requiem for a dream, my views on drugs have hardened a little bit. I still think that the odd joint or line here and there is alright. Experiment while you're young.

"Cocaine is hell of a drug"
You'll know when you've gone too far with drugs. You'll be borrowing money to pay for the stuff, Getting into trouble with authorities, and generally ruining your life & career. You'll wake up one day and you're practically Charlie Sheen.

Wasted potential.

Just take it easy, kids.

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